ReadaBook the website that brings reading right into your home!


There were two reasons for establishing this website namely: 

  • To create a reading culture for all people, especially amongst children and teenagers and;
  • Secondly, to help authors make their unpublished books available to the public.


  • Readabook is a website where authors can submit their books that were rejected by publishers.
  • Authors from all over the world can place their books on this site and let the readers decide what the quality of these books are.
  • All types of books in any language that were never published before may be uploaded on this website. No exception!!
  • Before an author can upload his/her book on this website he/she must read the legal section and then register.
  • NB! : All books must be in PDF format. You have to convert your book to this format before you can upload it on Readabook. (Just go to “useful links” were you can do this) 


  • Readabook brings to you all unpublished books.
  • Here you will find books to read that are nowhere else available.
  • Before you read a book please go through the legal section.
  • To read a book just make your choice under “book categories” and enjoy yourself.
  • This is all for free!
  • NB!: You need Adobe Reader before you can read any book on this website.  This you can download under "Useful Links."